deep sea rafting

Image the power of 600 horsepower. Yes, it is awesome! The engines offer always a back-up to get the extra speed. On calm days we can speed up to 30, 40, 50 and more knots. That’s almost 100 kilometer per hour! On days with big waves you will jump and have the best fun time on the sea. Great adventures are waiting for you.
Our skipper is highly professionell and he knows where to find the best spots to have fun and his skillful maneuvers will set you in excitement.

deep sea rafting

First we give you a briefly introduction about safety and demonstrate the use of the equipment. You will be prepared and excited to start our tour on our RIB. The skipper will show all his skills and give us the thrill!

0.5-2 hours

Group size per tour
Minimum 5 / Maximum 12

on request


Guided language

We provide
Floating suit, life vest, gloves, winter cap, goggles

Important information about safety
Minimum age: 12 Years
Minimum height: 140 cm
Over three months pregnant women and people with problems in the back, knee, neck or other physical diseases have to tell the guide/captain about their conditions before departing. The guide/captain have the right to forbid people with problematic conditions or intoxicated people to participate in our excursions.

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