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In the early summer of 1553 three ships – the Edward Bonaventure, the Bona Confidentia and the Bona Esperanza – set sail from London in search of a northeast passage from England to China. The commander Richard Chancellor noted and named the North Cape as they passed the northernmost tip of Scandinavia…

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In Norway we call them «Russian Crabs» because Russian Scientists important the Crabs in the 60’s and 70’s from the Bering Sea to the Barents Sea. It was a great success, the omnivorous Crabs love it cold and eat everything. Up to 1.8 m in span and over 12 kg heavy, with a lot of delicious white meat…

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Bird Safari

Experience with us the yearly repeating spectacle in the arctic. Every year hundreds of thousands Seabirds fill the cliffs at Gjesværstappan and Hjelmsøya to breed and raise their offspring in a safe evironment. Cormorants, puffins, gulls, sea eagles and many more perform a breathtaking show. Joins us on our RIB and enjoy the spectacle…

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Experience the Midnight Sun in a very unique style. Join us on our RIB boat and see some very special highlights of the arctic. Beautiful seabirds, the northernmost point of Europe, the 307m high cliffs of the North Cape and much more will be explored on this trip. All the way the sun is leading us and we enjoy the wonderful arctic summer…

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Hjelmsøya is a island north to Havøysund. The island is uninhabited since 1967 and since then the big colonies of seabirds can claim the island as their territory. Big colonies of puffins, razorbills and guillemots are nesting in close proximity of the Hjelmsøystauren. This short trip has its all: sea rafting, seabirds and unique landmarks…

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Deep sea rafting

Fun, fun and more fun! Our powerful RIB boat will set you in a fever of excitement. There are no borders with two Suzuki engines with together 600 horsepower. We know how to thrill you and we will make this tour to a unforgettable adventure for all participants. But no worries, on our RIB you will always feel safe because its the best in the World! Come and try out…

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Have a taste of the Arctic.

Where to find us

Located at 70°59′ north Bonaventure AS has its headquarters in Havøysund, a small fishing village between Hammerfest and North Cape.