Come catch king crabs with us. The gigantic crabs were imported to the Barents sea by Russian scientists in the 60’s. King crabs quickly became a real threat for the local maritime life in the north. But soon the threat turned into a blessing, providing food and a livelihood to the local fishermen and today king crabs produce wealth.
The delicious white meat is sought after all over the world and exports are raising every year. Join us and catch these king crabs in one of the beautiful areas in the world. Have a taste of the world famous, tender meat, served freshly in Havøysund. Enjoy an unique and delicious event with us.


After a short ride on our RIB boat, we will arrive at our destination to catch fresh King Crabs. We will lift up a box-shaped trap called a pot full of living King Crabs. We take our catch with us back to Havøysund and after a while freshly cooked legs filled with delicious white meat will be served.

3-5 hours incl. dinner

Group size per tour
Minimum 5 / Maximum 12

on request


Guided language

We provide
Floating suit, life vest, gloves, winter cap, goggles

Important information about safety
Minimum age: 12 Years
Minimum height: 140 cm
Over three months pregnant women and people with problems in the back, knee, neck or other physical diseases have to tell the guide/captain about their conditions before departing. The guide/captain have the right to forbid people with problematic conditions or intoxicated people to participate in our excursions.

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